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At RecyclePlatinum, we offer a free, friendly, and secure platinum-buying service that allows you to quickly and easily sell scrap platinum for cash. We're a premierplatinum buyer, purchasingplatinum crucibles, wire, foil, rings, US platinum coins and many other types of scrap platinum. We regularly help members of the scientific and industrial communities convert spent and scrap platinum into cash.

Our friendly, personal and efficient platinum-buying service has won us many regular customers. The customer service you will experience at Recycle Platinum will be difficult to find among platinum refineries.

When yousell scrap platinum to us, we pay you high industry cash recovery prices, and we contact you personally to let you know how much we can pay for your platinum items. If you would also like tosell gold just include it with your order.

How to Sell Your Scrap Platinum:

  • Order your FREE Platinum-Pak
  • Send us your scrap platinum
  • Get a call with our quote
  • We send your payment
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